Vintage Nostalgia Candle - Old Books Scent

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Scents of Saudade create evocative scents inspired by a nostalgia. These candles take you to a moment in time connected to the precious gift of memory.

Old books smell like history, as a book ages it becomes even more aromatic and in this digital world it's a most welcome and comforting smell of the past. Leather meets musk and vetiver with subtle hints of jasmine, plum and raspberry combined with soy wax to create the smell of leatherbound books ageing gracefully on the shelf. A mix of Leather, rosewood and vetiver.

170ml of dusty rainy day library vibes where leather meets musk and vetiver with subtle hints of jasmine and plum blended with soy wax. Lose yourself in an old book and let time melt away.

  • 35 - 40 hours burn time
  • Cotton wick with paper core
  • Phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils
  • Vegan friendly

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