3 Great Reasons to Visit Maldon

3 Reasons to Visit Maldon

If you haven’t been to Maldon (or even if you have) here are a few reasons to visit this gorgeous little country town.

# ONE – We’re Notable

Maldon is Australia’s first notable town and the only one in Victoria. Maldon was recognised by the National Trust in 1966 as being historically significant, with many original goldrush buildings and an intact period streetscape. The town is protected from development which makes it an interesting antithesis to the intense development happening in many parts of our bigger cities. The Maldon Museum has a fascinating walking tour you can do which details the history of all the buildings in the main part of town, and some further out.

# TWO – You might strike it lucky

Maldon sits within the famous Golden Triangle (think Ballarat to Bendigo) and is still home to an operational Gold Mine. Gold fever hit Maldon hard in 1854 and although the rush was short lived, it was still one of Victoria’s richest quartz mining centres. In the last couple of years gold nuggets have turned up in the area worth several hundred thousand dollars, proving that gold is still out there. Watch out for old mineshafts though, someone drove their car into one recently and got a bit of a surprise.

# THREE – Take it Slow

Although it can get crazy busy in Maldon during big events, most of the time it’s very quiet and peaceful, especially mid-week. It’s a great spot to slow down a bit, take in the fresh air and relax. There are lots of accommodation options in town ranging from budget to luxury depending on your needs. Check out Maldon Getaways for some interesting ideas.


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