Where is Maldon?

Signs showing distances to Maldon

If you haven’t visited us before you might be wondering where exactly we are. Tansley & Co. is in Maldon, Victoria, Australia (not to be confused with the original Maldon in Essex, England). Maldon, Victoria is one of Australia’s best-preserved gold rush villages and the entire town was listed with Heritage Victoria in 1966 to preserve it for future generations.

Maldon is located to the north west of Melbourne in the central goldfields area and is part of the famous Golden Triangle, where many gold discoveries have been made. The nearest town to Maldon is Castlemaine, which is just 15 minutes away. The nearest city is Bendigo, approximately 30 minutes away.

We get many visitors from Melbourne to Maldon – just travel out of the city up the Calder Freeway and follow the signs! We are about and hour and a half from the northern fringes of Melbourne. You can see a map showing our location on our home page.

Maldon is also less than an hour away for anyone visiting Clunes, Daylesford, Kyneton, Woodend, or Maryborough. So, if you’re planning a weekend away in the goldfields then make sure you make a detour to come and see our beautiful little town.

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